Will Your Vehicle Pass the Test?

We complete state auto inspections in Montrose, PA

Pennsylvania requires annual safety inspections to guarantee drivers are operating well-maintained vehicles. An inspection can alert a driver of problems with their vehicle. This can prevent car issues and accidents on the road.

Tom’s Tire & Auto offers auto inspections for drivers at our auto shop in Montrose, PA. We’ll inspect your vehicle according to the checklist of items required by the state of Pennsylvania. Tom’s Tire & Auto is an official PennDOT Inspection Station. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your safety inspection in Montrose, PA.

Get your inspection out of the way

Routine inspections prevent faulty vehicles from entering the highways. Protect yourself, your family and other drivers on the road by getting your vehicle inspected before the last day of the month when the inspection is due. Pennsylvania drivers can get their inspection done up to 90 days before the deadline. We’ll check various components of your vehicle, including:

  • Brakes
  • Battery
  • Lights and signals
  • Windows and wipers
  • Auto body

The sooner you schedule your inspection, the earlier you can take care of any necessary repairs. Call Tom’s Tire & Auto in Montrose, PA as soon as possible for your auto state inspection.